Works in progress

Works in progress include:

The Cure is Murder – a cosy crime novella inspired by the Austrian political landscape

Sensually Simmering – a love story travelling through France laced with recipes

Waste Not, Want Not – a life in craft – inspired by Mum’s blog

My Swedish Brother – the photos of Anton Martin

Collected Stories – all my stories in one volume DONE!

Home is a 4-Letter Word – a literary memoir braiding a life of international telecommunication, education and literary conferences

Romeo & Julia in Corona – a bilingual German/English novelette in flash. DONE!

Ambergris – a literary novel, a love story of belonging set against perfume making in France and Australia

Winds of Change – a novella in flash, backgrounded by the GDR and its legacy, exploring how ordinary lives come to terms with fascism – In German and in English – DONE!

The Fiction of Home where even breathing may be political – a novella in flash