Cornwall Conference

I’m just back from the wonderful BASA Conference held at the Cornwall Campus of the University of Exeter. It’s important to stress the Cornwall Campus of the CUC project since I didn’t pay attention to location and ended up at Exeter University where I spent the night in a Youth Hostel and had to continue on to the Tremough Campus the next day. Mindblowing papers included ones on Jean Devanny whom I’d never heard of, Liz Byrski‘s Images of Older Women in Popular Culture, Jane Frugtneit’s F.O.O.D. (Fighting Order Over Disorder) excerpt on Patrick White’s The Vivisector, and Ian Henderson’s paper on backwards and upside-down reading via Alice in Wonderland and Betsey Trottwood Copperfield. A sunny and windy day trip to the cliffs and the Levant Mine followed by a meal with mates of my daughter in Falmouth rounded off a great experience.