Chilling out in the Cafe Phil

Today I spent a great couple of hours chilling out in the Cafe Phil. Augusta Laar was there playing retro dj with some unique old LPs – yes LP records, the vinyl ones – to give a cool musical break between chapters read by the Phil staff (one is an actor) of a novel, Gut gegen Nordwind, by local author Daniel Glattauer. A couple of coffees and a toasted sandwich and my lunch break was compleat, with voices conveying the written words of two unseen email correspondents. The first two chapters I was able to stay and listen to beat any email story I’ve ever heard of or read in English. Maybe Freud’s city has a way of scratching beneath the surface and bringing stuff to life with a wry and poignant humour. Bravo Eva and gang at the Cafe Phil – I’ll definitely be back.