Story podcast at Toth’s World

Paul Toth – a novelist, poet, blogger, radio host and part of that community of sharing that’s claiming the tools to speak out and about, well see for yourself at Toth’s World – has included my work in one of his podcasts.

His show includes an audio of my story, Backburning, title story of the collection of the same name to be published by Interactive Press in Australia end 2007.

And here are Paul’s tips for listening to the Podcast and others on his site:

1. An I-Pod is not required. Any PC or Mac will do.
2. Go to:
3. On the main site, right-click the “Direct Download” link for the episode
of your choice and save “file,” “link” or “target” (label depends upon
browser) to desktop.
4. Double-click the downloaded file. Listen using any media player.
5. I-Pod users should drag the file into their appropriate I-Tunes folder or
subscribe via I-Tunes.
6. See the archive for older shows.