Back in Vienna

I just got back to wonderful crisp October days in Vienna and am still half in Oz. Waiting for me was Susan Tiberghien’s One Year to a Writing Life, Janette Turner Hospital’s latest novel, Orpheus Lost, Lewis Crofts’ novel on Egon Schiele, The Pornographer of Vienna, Julian Gough’s Jude: Level 1, Ayu Utami’s Saman, Barbara Smith’s poetry collection, Kairos and Terry Pratchett’s Going Postal.

But I must try to keep my hands off these books until I’ve finished my uni work. How’s that for a bunch of carrots?

I also received a copy of PEN Swiss Romand’s L’escarpe with my story “Grow Up” in French, as well as Offshoots 9 with my story “Just Lunch”. I’m itching to read all the other contributions. Maybe I can dip in to those, and Barbara’s poems, and some of Susan’s lessons, and …

… and I can vote in the upcoming Oz elections at the Embassy here in Vienna.