Full house at the Kafka

It was a full house at the Cafe Kafka on Friday night for the monthly Labyrinth Open Mic. There was an even balance of English and German with some Viennese dialect, some Spanish and French.
Special guests were Christian Schreibmuller with poems in German and Viennese dialect, Ronnie Niedermayer with a piece on his new bi-lingual photo book, Zeit und Wien / Time and Vienna, and Enrique Moya with poems in Spanish translated by Nathan Horowitz into English. It was good to be back, meet with friends, listen to exciting new stuff.

One thought on “Full house at the Kafka

  1. Thanks for the immortalisation, Merc. Now when I see my reflection in the mirror, I’ll know that there’s really someone staring back, and it’s not just a trick of the light.Stay kafkaesque,Nathan

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