When the Zeitgeist Claims the Right to Free-Dumb

I heard them outside in Sydney. They were chanting and banging on drums. Free Dom! Free Dom!

Who is Dom? What is he? (Don´t answer that or you´ll be sued.) Why do people commend him and want him to be free? 

Is Dom a master? A mistress? A domestic dominant dominion? An honorific title like Dom Perignon, the bubbly stuff? Or is it just the guy who wants to let it rip in the land of Oz. 

Dom is all for the economy, but he hasn´t got enough tests or boosters to go round. 

People are dropping like flies and are out on sick leave, and the trains aren´t running, and the supermarket shelves are bare because the delivery drivers are all out, and the post office is not working, and soon the bloody economy will disappear up the fundamentals of Dom and his mates. Wonder what he confesses before he goes to Mass?

But what if they made a mistake and it wasn´t Dom they wanted free after all. It doesn’t make sense. Dom is already running his brand of free for all. But what if the word isn’t Dom but dumb (though both might apply)? They wanted the right to be dumb. Free Dumb. 

They wanted to let their patron saint in, the Serbian player, because he´s the best in the world. But he´s no team player. He doesn´t care. It’s all about ego. Free Ego! 

I once knew a man whose name was Egon. He unwittingly steered the GDR to freedom, was charged with manslaughter and electoral fraud and ended up in the clink for several years for his Cold War crimes.

Back to Melbourne and Free-Dumb. A small crowd sporting Serbian flags gathers before the hotel where the tennis player is being held pending a final decision on his visa on Monday.  If he can stay, he will have to quarantine 14 days and then play in 17. Mental health bells are ringing. It´s the season. If he can´t, he won´t be allowed back to Australia for three years, the punishment for lying on his visa papers. In the same hotel refugees have been held for months and nobody went out on the streets like Novax´s daddy called people to do. 

One Novax fan who came to support him said he didn´t realise what was happening to the refugees. Shine a light. Maybe he will learn something during his stay. And to top off the craziness, the Serbian president appears to be throwing his weight behind the super spreader. 

My boggling mind wonders what they fear the vaccine will throw a light on when a top-fit athlete refuses the needle.

Or is he just testing the waters, for three years down the line when he´ll be knocking 40 and too old for a hattrick, but politics; yes, politics. And what if all this fuss was just a warm-up act?