Mum’s dream

About 20 years ago, Mum published her first craft book which is now out of print. Her dream was to do another book, but she lost her sight six months ago. I set up this blog for her and she is amazed at the reception of it and thanks you all for having come by and for your good words in response to the blog and her pix at Flickr. But she still regrets not being able to do a book, something she can hold in her hands and give to her Pink Ladies.

So I contacted a couple of publishers in Australia, and although they said that her work was unique and that the concept was interesting, they were unable to follow up. One problem, I think, is the pic intensivity of her book, and the other is probably that she is unknown.

So I’ve been thinking about collating these blog entries and adding more material, including material from her first book, and exploring the self-publishing area to showcase a wonderful life of craft, and to make Mum’s dream come true.

So this is the long term project we have in mind. If anyone has any tips and advice, or any comments at all on this, we’d appreciate it. It will show us how to go forward.

(This message is also posted over at Mum’s blog.)