All sorts of short story news to kick off 2008

I’ve just come back from the delightful bookshop in Wahroonga, The Next Chapter Books, to see if Back Burning was listed there, and it is. It may even be taken in the Ku-ring-gai Library – fingers are crossed. My first collection, The Past Present, is already in the Hornsby Library and I’m hoping they’ll take Back Burning as well. I’m pleased to say that Back Burning is already in the National Library of Australia, Canberra, and in the State Library of NSW in Sydney’s CBD. Anyway, while at The Next Chapter, I couldn’t resist buying The Best Australian Stories 2007.

And that brings me to my next bit of short story news: The Short Story Reading Challenge which is hosted by Kate. Here’s the great logo she’s chosen to go with the blog for the challenge. I’ve signed up and my goal is to read all the 47 stories in BAS2007, and who knows what I’ll be into after that.

And there’s more. I’ve been asked to submit Back Burning for review at The Short Review. I’m thrilled and I’m scared, but a copy will soon be winging its way to the UK.

And, Julia Novak, Director of the Vienna Lit Festival 2008 has invited me to read from Back Burning at the Festival in Vienna in April. I was signed up to give a workshop, but now I’ll be reading as well. I’m really pleased that I’ll be on with poetess incredible, Michaela Gabriel from Vienna, and Sandra Huber from Canada. Sandra will be participating in the London Word Festival in February/March, so is bound to thrill with new impulses.

What a way to start 2008!