Your Messages in London

I am very excited! I’m going to London tomorrow! I’m going to read at the Poetry Cafe! I’m going to read a 300-word story that’s in a book with a whole lot of other three-hundred word stories! And the book is beautiful! Just look here! And it’s for a good cause, so please buy lots! And thank you Sarah and Lynne for the wonderful project you ran in November!

2 thoughts on “Your Messages in London

  1. Thanks, Bob. And what a great evening it was. I gave away several coupies at the Geneva Writers’ Conference on Friday night and read from “our messages”. Since I had 3 minutes, I was also able to give a quick take on the project and the charity. There may be people interested in participating when we do the samba routine next November. Great meeting you and the others and seeing and hearing the messages live.

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