Respooling 10 – Thank you, friends!

This is the last of my respooling for a while, but before I get on the plane to London to speak at the Menzies Centre tomorrow, I’d like to send a kiss from Liechtenstein and some flowers from Feldkirch to say thank you to all our friends in Geneva. Special thanks to Raffy and Cathy for the Begnins experience, and to Denise and Francis for the wonderful Sunday lunch at their place, to Faim? for the launch and to all my old mates for coming to it, to Niels and Rachel for the Thai show and meal, and to the Geneva Writers’ Conference and to Susan Tiberghien for her advice on Mum’s mosaic memoir to be, to Jo Ann for the great lunch at the Cafe du Soleil, to the wonderful Julia who put me up in her house in Geneva during the GWC, and finally to our good friends, the Karlis, who housed and fed us the rest of the time during our stay. It was great!