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Media Release: 6 March 2008


Carindale, Queensland, Australia – Vienna-based author Sylvia Petter has learned that her award-winning short story collection Back Burning might not be eligible for Australia’s new $100,000 Prime Minister’s Award.

The book, which was published by independent Brisbane publisher IP, had an initial print run of 500 copies, which is average for short fiction collections in that country, but the conditions for the award stipulate that a minimum of 750 copies of the book must be printed initially.

IP’s Director Dr David Reiter sees the condition as arbitrary and unfortunate. “This makes it hard for independent publishers to nominate their best works, especially with difficult forms like short story collections, which don’t sell as well as novels.”

IP is supporting an alternative plan suggested by Ms Petter to increase her print run via print-on-demand publishers like Booksurge and Lightning Source, which, if enough people order her book through bookshops in Europe and North America, could meet the 750 copy minimum. The deadline for entry is 28 March, so IP is hoping enough people will order the book before then to make Back Burning eligible for entry.

Ms Petter has offered to donate her royalties, up to the 250 extra needed to qualify for the entry, from POD sales to the Indigenous Literacy Project, a fund supporting literacy among Australia’s Aboriginal population. IP has offered to match Ms Petter’s contribution, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

People interested in supporting the project can order the book from their local bookshop in Europe or North America, or from their local Amazon.

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