Badeschiff redux

At our Badeschiff “South Pacific Yearning” gig on Friday night – you can see Flickr pix here – there were mixed responses. Most people loved the presentation of very critical poems in German by Augusta, Carina, Ju and Petra with bursts of responses in English by yours truly. They liked the old Hawaii kitsch LPs laid on by dj couture (aka Augusta Laar) and the visuals – slides and old b/w film (Tabu) – steered by Kalle Laar, all interspersed by members of the audience reading historical texts in German and one in French. Some people found the texts too critical and felt we’d burst their South Pacific bubble, but the idea was to talk back to the clichés. All in all, it was a successful slightly avant-garde evening. Watch for text and pix at the OSPG site, and for future gigs of the members of the Wientouristinnen in.form.