June Open Mic at the Kafka

It was full house at the Kafka for the Open Mic last night although it turned out to be a non-mic event. Maybe the absence of a mic contributed to the absence of background chatter as well as we all attended to projecting our voices. That absence, too, seemed to have a democratising effect – or maybe it was the balmy evening and the frisky audience. Lots of new faces and talents helped make the evening a great warmup for the July open mic. That event will be an all-night do and Hamid has offered breakfast to all survivors.

But back to June where special guest was Cecilia Woloch from the intersection of points between LA, Kentucky, Paris and the Carpathians. She read from her chapbooks poems about love and sex and death and family and swore that the evening was the rowdiest open non-mic she’d ever addressed. She had a grin on her face so I guess she had just as much fun as we did. Hillary mc’d and read some of her work, then we heard the regulars and many new voices, some passing through. Now to get material together for the July marathon when poets again will be on the loose.