Cross-pollination rules!

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m a fan of cross-pollination and not just the garden variety. So imagine my delight and surprise when I came across this post at Outsapop Trashion in Helsinki.

I’d discovered Outsapop’s work after posting pix for my Mum’s blog at Waste Not, Want Not and at Flickr, which led to Mum joining Trashionista – sustainable style and recycled fashion. The Possum is also into design, style and fashion, so it’s all a good fit.

The neat thing is that my Trashion Passion story is one of the 300 wordies written in November 2007 as part of the Your Messages project.

Now that makes one shorty published in print, five translated into French and presented in French and English at UB in Dijon, and one gracing the pages of a fashion blog. But then for the latter, Outsapop was my inspiration. And for all the stories, the November project was my motor on a stick.