Reading for Real now in audio

A few years ago Lynx Publishing in Vancouver took several of my stories for their ESL/EFL textbooks and they appeared in Modern Topics Levels 2 and 3, as well as in Reading for Real Advanced I and II. What started as a response to an online call for submissions about seven years ago has turned into a relationship that is still going strong.

Lynx has now published the second edition of Reading for Real with brand new covers and audio samples and I’m pleased to see some of my old and new stories included.

Book 2 has a twopart audio of “Fences” featuring our dog Reglisse. Book 3 contains “Western Rerun” which was published in Back Burning. Book 5 contains “The System“, set in Divonne casino, and “The Killer Fish” from my Kyoto experience. Finally, Book 6 contains “Black Coffee” which is set in Geneva.