MultiKulti festive thoughts and big TA for the internet

We’re already in the festive season and I’m getting a bit melancholy. I’ve managed to avoid Christmas stress and government calls for spending sprees in the name of fixing the financial crisis. (Why is it always the little (wo)man who has to say “Present!”?) Did I say that I was currently in Sydney?

I’m separated from my family so as to be with my family – multicultural ties “oblige” straddling continents, maybe straddling worlds and the whole business of who I am and where I belong and who cares anyway? Or is it a question of the “al” in Austr(al)ian?

I’ve just been struck from the electoral roll in Oz. Maybe that’s ok now. At least I was able to vote last time round. But can any politician be trusted to do the right thing? They’re all human after all. Even Saint Kev and Mr Obama.

Xmas Day via Skype I’ll be connecting with hubby and daughter and Swedish brother in Stockholm; later on with ex-boss and dear friend in Luanda, that’s right, Angola; then there’ll be former and current writing mates and friends via email and FB. (I can’t believe that Oz wants to censor the Net (let me give it a capital N) in the name of autoprotection.)

Winding down will be with my Mum of the wonderful marbles. She’s promised to tell me a whole bunch of hence embargoed stories. In exchange, I’ve promised to update her blog.

Have a good one, all, and allbest for the festive season. May 2009 bring empathy and lucidity and still leave a bit of madness to keep us all human.