Ballistics from Boot Camp

I’m a bit late, but sometimes it’s better to stagger interest in a good book, in a good anything, anyone. So here’s a link to Alex Keegan’s collection of stories, Ballistics. Alex has also set up a blog on his book, interviews, bash and blurbs and an excerpt from the book can be found at the Salt site here.

What’s my connection to AK? Well, I reckon he tried to teach me how to write a short story way back when I didn’t even know which side of the pen is up. OK, he reckons he didn’t succeed with me, but that’s another story. He ran a mean Boot Camp back then in the early nineties. So my three years in BC was as good as any MfA, if not tougher.

You can’t really thank those who have gone before you; you can only pass on the good oil to others. So check out Alex Keegan and his stories. You’ll be a better reader and writer for it.