An Imaginary Friend at Scribd

I’ve had good words on my story, “An Imaginary Friend”, which was first published in THEMA in 1997 and then in my collection, The Past Present (now out of print and possibly out of stock), so I’ve decided to share it on Scribd.

J.K. Rowling is a little annoyed with Scribd going by the article in The Guardian, but the Scribd blog authors answer an article in The Times. To be continued, I guess.

I promise not to sue anyone, even though there has been one download of my story already – “An Imaginary Friend” won’t make me rich, but it might bring a smile or two to some faces and hey, a smile in these Fi-Cri times is a lot better than a brick on the head, to paraphrase the Viennese expression, “besser alsa Stei am Schedl”.