Justitia caught in a bind


Lady, are you wearing
L’Air du Temps?

Will you cover the breast
of discord to pay for a peek
from under your blindfold?

The sword is heavier than you thought
when you first took on the job.
Then, the scales almost balanced;
you held them in one hand.

Now you need two.


Published in 2005 in Cadenza, Offshoots VIII and Ex Tempore.

2 thoughts on “Justitia caught in a bind

  1. Thanks Rachel. The poem still seems timely – it was written in response to: “Uncomfortable with the bare-breasted statue called “Spirit of Justice” in Justice Department headquarters, he ordered the statue covered.”http://www.nndb.com/people/352/000022286/”Ashcroft was generally credited as ‘architect’ of the PATRIOT Act …”

  2. It’s difficult to comprehend how so much has happened in so little time.Your take on justice is excellent. I had a double take on the publishing date.

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