Hippo New Ear!

Christmas came and went with a wonderful time spent with dear FrOz friends from Paris and The Possum, my Swedish brother and Dr Gugu. We had the tree, candles and wonderful food – traditional carp on the 24th when Christkindel comes and duck on Christmas Day all done by hubby. I just had to wash up, which I like. The Possum is still with us and her Soume flew in for some quality time. It’s back to work tomorrow, but here’s a roundup of what’s been happening on the writing front.

On my Facebook page I ran a micro poll on what to charge for a Kindle or does it matter? Comments came from different places and off the internet, so basically what I’ve come up with is: price is not really a big consideration, nor do reviews seem to be. Quality writing and free samples so that readers can judge for themselves is what counts. This actually aligns with two things I like – the process of writing and giving it your best – which may vary depending on the stage you are at – and sharing. Some of this seems to be borne out by M.J. Rose (Huffington Post articles) when she says: “I’m seeing way too much conversation about what to charge for the book instead of how to write the book. My goal is to write a book so good that a reader will talk about the book and recommend it to all their friends. Quality matters more than ever.”

In mid-December I was invited by Renaissance man, Marcus Speh, to join Fictionaut, and I think I’ve fallen in love with the place. I posted “The Burka” and am thrilled with the feedback, so also dared to post “Uncle Henri”, a revised version of one of Merc’s shorties from the 2007 Salway/Rees Your Messages project. There are some terrific poems and stories being shared on Fictionaut, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Fictionaut poet Bill Yarrow’s Pointed Sentences.

December also saw the last entry of Kaffe in Katmandu, but thankfully the archives will stay online. I’m grateful that my piece, That Day, appears there in the closing days. A new site, Letras Caseras, now follows the Kaffe’s footprints, and I’m happy that “The Burka” can also hang out there.

I had a bit of fun, too, and did a crazy Nutcracker interview and updated my post-Boot Camp information on Alex Keegan’s Boot Camp Graduates News page. His Blog is a great place for writing prompts, among other things.

I also sent of some micro stories to Australia and the UK, applied for a 4-day residency in Berlin (which I discovered via Western Australia!), finished reading Francine Prose’s wonderful Reading Like a Writer, and started revising Ambergris, which I aim to finish in 2012.

That’s about it to date. Thanks for hanging in with me and may 2012 smile on you and be full of bold HOPE.