Easter in Vienna

All those eggs had me wondering about …WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO HUMPTY THE D.
            “Yeah! Well I don’t care how many horses the King sent out to do the job. I just care about what I got stuck with. All that crushed shell and the yolk dribbled dry and holding it all together like one of those floors made of leftover bits of bathroom tiles. And me with just a lousy shovel and a pair of giant tweezers.
            It’s all very well to sing that dumb song. But you don’t have to pick any eyelashes out of the mosaic!
            And those horses. No sweat for them. They just galloped right along past the wall, stirring the dust up behind them and almost squashing me flat so I wouldn’t get in the way.
            And what happened?
            It took ages for me to get my breath back and by the time I did the dust had settled all over the clues. A cover up! That’s what it was.
            And it worked. Have you noticed how nobody, but nobody ever asks who pushed Humpty the D?
            Well, I reckon it was the King, but I’m smart enough to keep that to myself.”

But by the time the poor old cleaner had finished his rant, I saw that his job had nothing to do with the eggs at the Easter market in Vienna. So forgive him, and let’s all have a happy Easter!