Consuming the Muse

Consuming the Muse

Consuming the Muse

Consuming the Muse contains seventeen stories. Several have appeared in anthologies, in print
and online journals, and as mobile downloads from Ether Books.

Also included are ten pieces of wonderful artwork by Sharon Ratheiser, an English artist living in Vienna.

Cover Art: Sharon Ratheiser
Cover Design: Sessha Batto

What a reader thinks of AstridL’s work:

“…the sexual content is very creative. Not the obvious found in so many stories. Consequently, it is far more sensuous and erotic.

Secondly, Astrid’s use of the language is masterful. Her words appear chosen for their sub-text and potential connotations as much as for their literal meaning, and, combined with the imagery she deploys in the stories as they build, one’s sexual interest is stirred (physically as well as mentally!) very subtly.

And, thirdly, you want to be there; you want it to be you! Vicarious pleasure is not enough!” – Laertes, A Touch of Silk

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