A flash day!

Today is Flash Fiction Day! It started out as National Flash Fiction Day in the UK, but so many flash fiction writers wanted to scramble aboard and so there are events going on all over the place. There are masses of free stories flashing over the internet and offline, too.
National Flash Fiction Day is the brainchild of Calum Kerr. Have a look at all the events, and goodies: the Flash Flood Journal which will be flooded with flash fiction today; writers from the UK and elsewhere in the world who have donated pieces of flash fiction for your pleasure; Kindleflash fiction download FREE Today; world-wide events,…
So happy that my “First Love” is part of the flood!
Thresholds, home of the international short-story forum is showcasing seven great flash-fiction writers and listing the 50 top flashlets tweetedto celebrate the day.
I’m thrilled to see one of mine on the list signed @Mblobs.
Raging Aardvark Publications in Australia is issuing an anthology of flash fiction entitled – Twisted Talesand Ether Booksare also making the accepted stories available as FREE mobile downloads. (The Ether app is free, too!)
My story, “Uncle Henri” will be on the Twisted Tales page for 48 hours, and at Ether Books it’s already garnered two 5-star ratings.

And there was Flashpoint which in the run up to NFF Day showcased my story, Herb Gardening.

And there’s more going on all over the place. The Guardian is even giving a “how to” on writing flash fiction in an article by David Gaffney.
So, enjoy the flashes!
They’re in very good company:
“For sale: baby shoes, never used” – Ernest Hemingway