50 Stories for Pakistan – a priority

There´s been lots happening since I last posted, so I´ll have to resort to some respoolings again. But some things take priority, things like Greg McQueen´s latest project, 50 Stories for Pakistan.

Following on from 100 Stories for Haiti, Greg has launched a new project to help the Red Cross Pakistan Floods Appeal. I´m proud to be on board again and this time together with my fellow Aussie from Vienna Writers, Paul Malone. I´m also happy that my story, “Trashion Passion”, was chosen. It is an example of online crosspollinating: inspired by Outsapop, a Finnish recycling designer, and triggered by Sarah Salway and Lynne Rees in the Your Messages project.

Greg´s intiatives show that one man can make a difference and that he can help writers make a difference. Look out for the book, buy it and make a difference, too.