Hugh Grant meets Gabriel Byrne — not?

And while I’m glowing with nice words from yon and yonder from young people I have come to appreciate, my Merc mind veers back to a 7 year-old holding my hand and that of Dr Gugu under the formidable bust of Karl Marx in the city that then bore the same name.

“This is my city”, he said. “And when I’m big, I’ll come and see yours.”

Events 20 years ago made his dream come true and since then he’s been seeing the world, doing what he loves and touring with Titanick. His name is Michael Hain. Check out his videos and you’ll see why I’m thinking the title of this post. You’ve come a long way since Karl Marx glowered down upon us, Michael. Onwards!

I hope his agency doesn’t mind if I post one of his pix and give him a bit of a plug on my blog. Oops, had to take it off until permissions come in.