Springin’ Down Under

I’m very excited to soon be taking off Down Under for some wonderful family celebrations. I even got a new Bond-girl haircut for the occasion. Call me “M” (for Mum). I’ll be catching up with old friends, and some writing friends, too.

And there’s been some happy news on the writing front. My poem, “The English Lesson” will be appearing in an anthology on teaching as a human experience to be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in the Northern spring, and if it’s on time, may even appear at the annual AERA (American Educational Research Association) meeting in Chicago in April. (I always have to smile at the different Englishes – I would imagine that all research were educational, but that’s just the writer in me playing around.)

Oh, and a while back, my story, “Kone” was dissected at Flash Frontier, which was a thrill to see. And, just last week, I heard that my story “Gloria” will be included in Offshoots 13, the beautiful print journal published biennially in Geneva, Switzerland, with the launch planned for September.

LittleFictionsAnd … to top it all off, my story, “Just Lunch” will be read at Little Fictions at the Knox Street Theatre Bar in Chippendale, Sydney, on Monday, 13 April. Little Fictions is a regular event where professional actors read stories by Spineless Wonders authors. So if you’re around, do come on by for a drink and an evening of fun.

And there’ll be lots of reading. I’m taking my Kindle on the road and apart from reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ 100 Years of Solitude, I’ll be dipping into Clive James’ Cultural Amnesia. I’m also looking forward to stocking up on local Australian works with no method to my book madness while in town.

Oh, and before I go, just the tiniest of rants: I keep getting emails from people who say they love my site and want to help me get more exposure (for a price), but I invariably answer that I’m ok with whomever comes by and it really doesn’t need to get crowded.

So, thank you out there for hanging in with me, and until next, here’s Springin’!

Artwork: Payden Hunter