Demise of the Dinosaurs

Don´t call it America.

America consists of two land masses.

North America is not just the United States of America, which has recently morphed into the Ugly States of Arumpasaurus. Saving graces can be found to the north and the south in Canada and Mexico. But there are dying islands that believed they were under US protection.

Watching from outside of social media now, but via various news outlets from different countries, there does seem to be a pattern. The arrogant old, and sadly also young, white (wo)man and their so-called Christian values cling to their colonial spoils, maintaining the slavedriver´s whip as they keep taking, and in their betrayal of faith, hope and charity, fail to give back, let alone forward.

I weep for my friends in San Juan.

I fail to comprehend how USAmericans can just stand by and watch other USAmericans flounder and die. I fail to comprehend how USpoliticians seem to be biding their time, waiting for the roar of Arumpasaurus to subside, and in the meantime keep pandering to his whims. Or is it their fear of maggots?

I watch the USA and see what is coming out of the woodwork. But there are also maggots in Australia, and in Austria, countries of my nationality and birth, respectively, waiting to have their actions condoned.

A dinosaur has risen up, which some saw as a messiah, and wannabe beasts are now following suite.

And I thought dinosaurs died out long ago.

It seems I was wrong. It also seems we are unable to learn from history and are so doomed to experience our own.

But there is hope.

Changes in climate caused the demise of the original dinosaurs. Climate change in some way will most likely cause that of our latter-day ones.

So until next, onwards!