A thank you to Gangway

Last week in the mail I received my copy of Gangway Kulturmagazin – 100 articles from the Stattegger years, 2014 -2020

Gangway was an important part of my writing life.

It was started in 1996 by Gerald Ganglbauer in Sydney, first as a weblog and then as an English/German literary magazine from 1989 to 2013.

The time capsule Gangway Kulturmagazin – 100 articles from the Stattegger years, 2014 -2020 is not for sale as a commercial product but rather to support Parkinson research and donations are welcome via Paypal.

Gerald was also responsible for my participating in several instances of the International Conference on the Short Story in English. Writers in cyberspace and their fears was an issue I addressed at a Panel Gerald led in Vienna and my contribution also appeared in a CD that was part of a book, The Unifying Aspects of Culture, which received recognition in the framework of the Bruno Kreisky Prize for the political book and is still online. The original contribution to Gerald´s panel in Vienna brought me to New Orleans in 2002 and allowed me to participate in that biennial conference until 2014 when I organised it in Vienna.

Earliest versions of chapters that were to feature in my debut novel, All the Beautiful Liars, appeared in Gangway, along with other stories. Gerald had always been supportive of my writing and I was pleased that he was able to attend the launch of my story collection, Back Burning, at Gleebooks, Sydney in 2007.

So Gangway Kulturmagazin is a time capsule in many ways, for which I am grateful.

Thank you, Gerald, and as always, onwards!