The genesis of GUT

An idea’s been buzzing on a backburner of my brain for some time now and that is the relationship between telepathy and telecommunications. Or rather, is telepathy the next telecoms frontier? Ages ago, I was lucky enough to have caught the farewell speech of an engineer colleague who had dared to pose such a question at his retirement party. We met a few times to chat about such mindblowing possibilities. Life and work tried to push the idea away, but it stayed with me, albeit dormant. A couple of years ago, the idea started buzzing again. So I thought I would turn to fiction so as to give it full rein. Seven chapters are done in draft form of a novel? novella? called GUT, or how Pippa Sandberg changed the world. So to help me move on, I thought I’d air those chapters for a while. Let’s see if the buzz is still there.