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Greg McQueen, British writer in Copenhagen had the idea for the 100 Stories for Haiti Project and just went along and did it. More than 400 writers heeded the call and the ebook should be out end February followed by the paperback early March. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross for Haiti. No middle(wo)man.

I´m proud to have had two tiny stories accepted. And I´m proud for a number of reasons, so let´s get the ego out of the way first. One story was one of the first I ever wrote and was published on the Internet in 1995 at a labour of love called The Edifice of Writing and Literature. The other was a story penned in one day, one hour actually, in 2007 as part of an online project called Your Messages. The latter donated its proceeds to Kids Company, a charity in the UK. The Edifice disappeared from the web a while ago, but it remains firmly in my grateful memory.

I´m proud because my stories will be between covers with likeminded writers. And this brings me to something I have to comment upon when I googled all the writers to see who my stories were in bed with. There were no heavies. Well, heavies don´t give their work away easily and are often bound by contracts to discourage this. Writers write to be read though, and although we don´t always sell, it´s a thrill, a validation, to have someone like your work enough to want to publish it, and many publications just don´t have the money to pay, especially these days. But this project isn´t about getting paid, it´s about giving.

And here we are at “these days” where big donations are tax deductible so why aren´t more of the biggies donating? They are, you say, but what about all those bank manager bonuses? And on and on…

Of the almost 100 writers with their work in the 100 stories for Haiti anthology each one will be buying at least one copy of the book. Yeah, I like to see my work on my shelf. But many will be buying more copies and their friends will, too, and Greg, proceeds WILL be more than 50 Euros.

And so I say to the person who posted on the blog of one of the writers in anthology, knocking writers for wanting to get exposure through this avenue:

Hey, we write to be read. Someone thought our stories would be fine in a book that could be sold to help the Red Cross help Haiti. More than one someone thought so: volunteer editors worked like crazy behind the scenes so that this book gets out; two publishers took a risk, but turned that risk into their own form of donation. Maybe an audio book publisher will do likewise. Maybe they´ll make a film, a documentary, interviews, maybe it´ll all help to raise more money for Haiti.

They say more quakes are on the way. I say, why do we always have to wait for disaster?

Donating a story that can make a book that can be sold to make money to help is our way. Buying the book is also our way, a way I´m proud of. Why don´t you buy the book, too? It may not be tax deductible, mate, but it will help. Every little bit does in this not so brave, no longer so new, world.

Thank you Greg McQueen for showing that passion makes possible. Onwards!

7 thoughts on “Haiti – 100 stories antholgy

  1. Fantastic. Its great to see all the intitiatives out there. nice to know that people havent lost the need to help each other out. – I have v happy memories of Vienna. I visited in december last, and loved the city. Its beautiful.happy days, happy writing.

  2. Allbest to you, too. Vanessa. Exciting times. I´m eager to see the anthology and hope to be able to use it in conversation classes and reach out to more people, not just anglos. They´re doing local Indy pop concerts in Vienna to raise money for Haiti, also going via the Red Cross.

  3. Hello Merc, it is great to be alongside you in this brilliant project. I agree 100% with the sentiments up there- and I for one couldn’t give a shrivelled fig about publicity, here. (Sure, publicity for what we do is fine and dandy, and important, but sometimes, other things eclipse that.) Here was a chance to use whatever gift this writing thing is, to do something good. Jeeps, we have to enough fannying about for ourselves if we aren’t with big mainstream publishers awash with lovely marketing budgets -, to sell our work, why not do the same for something far far more important!And yeah, I will be buying the anthology. To back up the donation of the story, with a bit of cash. Wouldnt otherwise bother to buy my own work back – I know what it says (!) – but this is different.Don’t listen to the warped individual (s) who snipe. They probably had their work rejected. Security word is ‘larkdob’ – I like that.all best from another old Bootcamper.

  4. It’s indeed a great project, Rachel, and I love the way it’s being done and how all the internet technology is being used by the people the internet was intended for. Nuala, I do mind these voices. There was another such in the Sydney Morning Herald today knocking the quality of a music CD by big names. I’m very wary about donating as so much ends in administrative coffers and never actually gets to the people it’s meant to help. But when you see big and small get out there with what they do best as a way of making people feel they are getting something for their money it shows that the creative spirit can do so much. This is a force that can’t be put in a box, can’t be silenced.

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