A work in progress – G.U.T.

Some things are best said with a tongue in one´s cheek and with feet planted in a fantasy world. With dystopian fiction becoming more real than the latest reality show, a bit of magic might be just the thing. One caveat: anything the mind can imagine can come true.

So come in and sit down and have a peek at my work in progress: G.U.T., or How Pippa Sandberg Changed the World, a satirical novella with the best intentions. Chapters 1 to 10 now up for your pleasure.

All comments welcome and more chapters to come. (Cover Art by Maarit Linsbauer.)

So, as ever, onwards!

4 thoughts on “A work in progress – G.U.T.

    1. The artist did that for me while still at school. Fits well, methinks. Ta for your words.

  1. Yes, sorry about that. I was trying to work out how to get the chapters into separate links. Still have to work on that before the next four. Thanks for reading. It´s a light piece, but has layers for those who want to go there.

  2. A bit of a tease. I just received a subscription email with Chapter One but if I click on it… “this post no longer appears”

    Great first four sentences. Must admit I don’t get satire but who knows a new year has begun

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