Yes, we can!

So much has been happening that I can barely keep up, and I still have so much to do. Of course, only interesting things seem to rise to the top of my to do list, but there are chores to do and needs must.

I nearly participated in Vienna Contemporary Art Fair in an installation by Alfredo Barsuglia, but getting wobbly on the ladder convinced me that I was little more than an artist´s prop and not there to bring the house down. Luckily, two other writers were on hand – Luis Stabauer and Michaela Hinterleitner and I was pleased to photobomb my book before the installation took off.

Yes, I have received copies of the paperback of my debut novel, All the Beautiful Liars, which can be preordered for the UK and the rest of the world before being officially available early next year. In Vienna, copies are now available exclusively from Shakespeare and Company Booksellers, Sterngasse 2, 1010 Wien, and from me directly. 

I´m selling copies of the book for 15 Euros, and 5 Euros from each sale goes to an initiative I am proud to support – PCs für Alle – for without the hardware none of the software and apps working towards the UN´s sustainable development goals can function. Although the focus of the ITU/UNICEF initiative GigaConnect is on developing countries, we tend to forget that even in rich countries like Austria not every child has access to the necessary equipment because there are many parents who can´t afford the recommended laptop or Ipad, and this is where civil society comes in. We do what the government either won´t do or didn´t even think of doing. 

Here´s how it works:

We’ll pick up the donated pieces of used equipment from you and ensure proper deletion of data and get the equipment ready for use. Everything will be able to function with internet and office programs, and will have a screen, keyboard and mouse.

The children and young people will receive a fully functioning piece of equipment and will be able to do their schoolwork more easily, find out lots of things and keep in contact with their family and friends.

Equipment donated by individuals or companies.

Many of the laptops and pcs still work and it´s a shame to just throw them out. We don´t use them anymore, so they’re just lying about collecting dust.

But all this equipment can be very useful.

And it´s so easy!

  1. Just contact us
  2. We´ll come and get the equipment
  3. We´ll let you know when it´s found a new home.

Donations by companies:

If you want to donate your business equipment, we can give you a statement for your accounting department that we have received the equipment free of charge and certify that any data on it has been properly deleted or destroyed.

Financial support:

If you don´t have any old laptops that can be recycled and if you still want to support our work, you are welcome to make a monetary donation towards a Mini PC.

What is a Mini PC?

With the money we receive, we buy small Raspberry PIs (Linux) (about the size of a box of cigarettes) for about Euros 50,-. We attach it to the back of a donated screen and offer it as a set with a donated keyboard and mouse for the price of our outlay. In this way, schools, NGOs etc., can have cheap access to a large number of pieces of equipment.

Monetary donations are also very welcome  to cover items like renting storage premises, buying spare parts, transport costs, etc. 

Maybe PCs für Alle can serve as an example in other rich countries – Switzerland, and EU countries – because it shows that:

Yes, we can! We can care. We can help. We can do something.