While they’re talking they can’t shoot each other?

Chavez brandishes Chomsky’s Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance at the UN in New York and the US delegate’s seat is empty (ref. SMH). Ahmadinejad and Bush avoid meeting each other.

Everyone’s ga ga about Communications Technology. To communicate, there has to be a connection. A “plug” needs some sort of “socket”, even for wireless or satellite, to allow interaction.

It follows then that “to communicate” also means “to interact” = act together or towards others or with others. This comes up in various dictionaries as one, perhaps neglected, sense of the intransitive verb “to communicate”.

Now if all those leaders who are pushing the technology and reaping benefits from that push, in whatever way, would reflect on what came first: the need to communicate, to sit down and talk. That need is still very urgent.