Bitten by the Muse

I’m just getting back into my working rhythm and trying to juggle commitments to life. Life’s too short and it sometimes gets in the way. But then so does death.

Anyway, when I was out at UNSW I met some of the other students slogging away. One of them is also a writer and is getting his work out his own way with paying and free downloads. Irishman, Eoin Hennigan, now based in Sydney, has a novel and a novelette up on his site.

Some of the younger profs have also been bitten by the Muse. Andy Kissane had a wonderful story in the latest Sleepers Almanac, and Paul Dawson writes fiction and poetry. Paul was an IP Picks 2006 winner for his poetry collection, Imagining Winter.

Now for the Muse to get her teeth through my commitments and give me a great bite where it matters.