Wiki fudging – not?

Well it looks like the Oz PM’s office isn’t alone in following in the footsteps of how companies, and I suppose individuals, fudge their Wikipedia entries. The Austrian newspaper, Kurier, today reported that both parties to the uncomfortable coalition, SPÖ and ÖVP, did the same thing. I am so fed up with all these emperors and their new clothes. Shouldn’t these guys and gals be setting an example? Yeah! But I wonder for what. Countries such as Austria and Australia are on the cutting edge of ICT’s, pronounce fine words in international forums, and then you find their ruling parties fudging in an area created to have us believe that the web could be a place of knowledge for all. Funny thing, though, the web, with it’s divergent inputs, shows up both the good and the bad, a microcosm of the macro, or perhaps vice versa these days, and as thus brings everyone down from his/her pedestal. Yeeeehah! as an old teacher of mine used to and still says when truth will out.