foan – wien – molden – band

Just a quickie to say how great the Ernst Molden gig was Sunday night at the Chelsea. We were too far away to catch all the asides between numbers, but the two new CDs, Foan and Wien, came over really well with a couple of surprise singers and songs – … – catch some samples here and here. And there’s a great article all about the man and his work here.

But there’s also the band: Sibylle Kefer really let loose with flute and vocals (Sibylle can also be found at SIE); Stephan Stanzel sang with “papa”, as well as providing bass and being part of A Life A Song A Cigarette along with Hannes Wirth, guitar; Heinz Kittner, drums, completed the team that as always gives the feeling that they really like performing together as just that – a team – in support of a bigger picture.