Vienna Lit Festival – 17 to 20 April

I’m still unwinding from the terrific Vienna Lit Festival. Julia Novak and her team did a great job and you can see how passion really can get things done. The Fest was launched on the Thursday evening at a great venue, Ratpack, where Vienna Lit posters covered up the guys and dolls from the Pack for a few evenings. Kuppitsch provided the bookshop for the festival which had lots of different fans. The Labyrinthe “round the world tour” made a fittingly provocative close to the evening which Michi covered over at her blog with pix of performers and commentary.

On Friday, we were treated to a great lunch in the hills above Vienna – thank you Josephine, for the lunch, your hospitality and the view!

Then in the evening the School Slam, responding to the poem, “My Grandmother” by Jackie Kay. Here’s a pic* of the finalists – my favourite was the poem that won second prize – about the grandmother with black lungs who thought it was normal to give up at 75.

Blogger doesn’t seem to want to post any pix so I’ll put all the ones I’ve got on the Vienna Lit Fest up at Flickr.

To be continued