Ernst Molden, “the Leonard Cohen of Vienna”

I always have such a warm fuzzy feeling when I’m at an Ernst Molden gig, I guess because of the honesty of the guy’s music and lyrics. The gigs I get to are usually intimate laid-back events, as was the one last night in Wienbibliothek im Rathaus.

Ernst read from the book Wien: Hinweise zum Umgang mit einer Alten Seele, which roughly translates as “Vienna: Tips on appreciating an old soul”, and which contains a series of his unique essays on Vienna together with evocative B/W photos by Nikolaus Similache. The photos were projected on a backdrop behind Ernst and his fellow guitarist, Hannes Wirth, member of the band A Life, A Song, A Cigarette. New songs and old ones in a slower, more leisurely style, made for a great evening.