Respooling 5 – My artful Figaros

I’d like to introduce the best hairdressers in the world: Gerald and Jean-Pierre Scheurer at the Coiffure Plaza in Geneva’s rue Chantepoulet (singing chook road). And I do sing because their salon is the only one I have ever left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and not wanting to go immediately under a shower to hide tears of disappointment in my hairdo. Since I can’t afford to fly to Geneva for a haircut, I’ve now decided to grow my hair. I’ve been faithful for 25 years and will remain so. A la prochaine!

Not only do my Figaros do a mean cut, they also support the arts. We’ve had readings there for Offshoots and their walls are often used to display the work of local artists. When I was there for my latest pick-me-up they were displaying jewelry in wool and silver by Florence Annen Gauthey.