Catching up

Such a lot has happened since I last posted that I’ll try and recap ….

Firstly … I managed to finish my thesis and submit it by the deadline! I guess nailbiting will start in a month or so. But I did manage to have a bit of a rest in Paris at a great little bistro.

And then there was the 30th International Women’s Film Festival in Creteil at which Dena Curtis from Australia won the prize for Best Foreign Short Film for Hush.

Then on to the Paris Book Fair where I explored translation possibilities for Back Burning – btw, there are some new entries on my minisite. I also dropped off two copies of BB at my favourite English-language bookshop in Paris, The Red Wheelbarrow in the Marais.

While wandering round past the Bastille during a demo for a better deal for high-school teachers, I couldn’t help notice the powers that be discreetly at work, with one in front of a very apt poster.