Friday’s Open Mic at the Kafka

After a hiatus of three months it was great to be back at Hamid’s Cafe Kafka for another open mic evening. Most of the usual suspects were there – Hillary, Michi, Carlota, Janus, Bob, Homemade, Dieter, … and Christian on the harmonica. Jean Almeida mc’d in her own inimitable way, introducing Peter Waugh and Horst Prillinger as ‘Double Trouble’ with their combined poetry sound offerings. Special guest was Nazar Hontschar from the Ukraine, reading his poems in German, Ukrainian and English. Highlights of the evening were Lali from Toronto with some passionate performance poetry, and Sainkho Namtchylak with the most intriguing sounds which painted word pictures in my mind.

Michi gave me a copy of her chapbook, the secret meanings of greek letters.
When is a chapbook a chapbox? Just look at this wonderful box of poems. In exchange, I gave her a copy of Your Messages.