The Krimi and Mystery Zone

On the weekend I attended my first “Krimi” workshop led by the Austrian writer, Helga Anderle. What fun to hear about the genre and realise that I had already written some “krimis” without even being aware of the fact. This is my second writing workshop in German – well, speaking in German but writing in English. But it goes to show that the instruction doesn’t necessarily have to be given in the language you write in, just in a language you understand. We swapped books and Helga gave me her story collection, A Schene Leich. “Roald Dahl auf Wienerisch” says Buchkultur. Just my thing.

Just before the workshop, The Guild in the Granary arrived in my letterbox. It’s by Alma Lynn Thompson one part of whom is an old writing mate, Diana Forrester. It’s a quilting mystery. Maybe this is the book that links me to Doris? Doris, my follower, is a stitcher ….
Now to settle in for a read.