Viva la Poesia …

and viva die Schule fuer Dichtung/The Vienna Poetry Academy for organising the retrospective of its work at the Metropol on Thursday night. Christian Ide Hintze presaented videoclips – with H. C. Artmann, Wolfgang Bauer, Falco, Gerhard Rühm, Anne Waldman, Allen Ginsberg, Nick Cave in their SfD workshops. There were readings by Julian Schutting and Hemma Bertram, and by Peter Rosei and Ulli Klepalski, and Michaela Schweighofer talked about her manifesto class with Michaela Falkner.

Our haiku workshop with Gabriel Rosenstock (Jean Almeida, Camilo Antonio, Michael Buergermeister, Candy Fresacher, Matias Moulin, Sandra Huber, Sylvia Petter, Vicky Slavuski – we had local stand-ins for Gabriel in Ireland and Matias in Zuerich) read their haikus from a beautiful book that Jean created in a restricted number of copies. (Copies may be obtained from the SfD.) The book is a thank you to the Irish poet Gabriel Rosenstock from his class in Vienna, and shows how international the Vienna Poetry Academy/School really is with students from Argentina, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Ireland, and Philippines.

We finished the evening with the “poetryschoolsong” – a videoclip with Nick Cave, Falco und Allen ginsberg. (The song appears in “viva la poesia”, book & CD, by christian ide hintze/sfd, residenz verlag 2002.)

Big thanks go to Ide and Harriet and her team for a great evening.
More pix of the book and of the evening, some experimental, can be seen at Flickr.