2 thoughts on “China Senrus?

  1. I saw your “shed”. Mine got in last year. Well, sheds *are* separate, so your son’s spot on. I used to work for a place that deals in international standards – many of them double, to my mind – I mean how can you have a bumper trade fair to push telecomms almost over the cutting edge and 6 months later condone the Great (Fire) wall. So much for the right to communicate. So I resort to my own sort of senru.

  2. Funny you should have written this now. I sent the link to Shedworking which has my writer’s shack on it to my son who is in China. He said the link was blocked by the Chinese and so he couldn’t open it. “As you know,” he wrote,”sheds are notoriously linked to separatist movements.” He’s a funny kid — though it’s not a particularly funny situation over there. I’m awaiting the Olympics with great interest.

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