Eye of the Poet(ess) on Cop & Pop

I’ve been unable to post for a while due to rising damp in my souk, but I now have an array of plugs that would do The Enterprise proud and has caught the attention of my mouse.

Anyway, what I wanted to share a while back was the link to Michi’s blogpost on the weirdest of weddings that I’m so sorry I missed. The interesting thing is that Michi was the official photographer for the Copulate and Populate (wedding) video shoot and you can see what I mean about the eye of the poet when you see her pix here. And if you’re wondering what all this is about, well it’s all part of the creative buzz around Steve Gander who’s getting ready to launch a CD of his songs and a video at a comedy show with live band on 14 October at the Interkulttheater.