The Bridesmaid Stories

Dear Doris,
Have I told you about the bridesmaid stories? Well, you know the saying: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. I mean, every bride needs a bridesmaid, at least in her dreams. The bride, in the best of all possible worlds only lives once though, albeit in glory. The bridesmaid can go for repeats. Well, there are stories like that and I’ve got lots. I’m actually quite fond of them and others are too. They’ve all been through some sort of editing process, been commended or shortlisted, but never heavyweight enough to have had anyone popping the question. But hey, they touched people, brought a smile to their faces, a little aha. So what I’ve done in these Fi-Cri times of gloom and recession is to put them out there over at Scribd for readers to spend a few moments getting away from the serious stuff. So Doris, you’re welcome to swing on by. And, yes, I’ll be adding lots more.