Busy weeks passed and more ahead

What’s been happening? Well, Doris, there was my workshop which knocked me out but was great fun. I was thinking of doing one a month, but have now opted for one a year. We got immersed in lots of words and I’m now tempted to have a go at screenwriting.

I also met up with Lisa and Nick (Lisa from LinkedIn) who were over from California, and discovered that they, too, were doing the screenwriting thing. Must be something in the air, or is it all those Austrian awards?

Now I’m preparing for Mitzi‘s visit and her reading at Shakespeare & Company and our Mutzenbacher tour. But before that, on 11 July, Grayson from Oz via Eire will be launching his CD at Cafe Kafka. And before that, on 3 July, our all-night Open Mic at Kafka. OK, I’m spooling backwards, but will catch up next time.