And now for some real pros …. Mitzi Szereto & Ted Tedaloo

Mitzi Szereto and her S.O., Ted Tedaloo, breezed into town on Thursday, 17th to heat up Vienna for the weekend. Now here are a couple of real professionals. Straight off the plane and into the chauffer-driven Panda to make a radio interview at ORF. Mitzi spoke for FM4’s Reality Check while Ted kept quiet and gave her moral support. Then over the Danube to chill out.

Friday? Well Ted was up first to get Mitzi moving. She was special guest on the Mutzenbacher Tour and Ted opted to stay back in the Souk and catch up on some sleep before the evening reading at Shakespeare’s. During the reading in Vienna’s old town, Ted did what he does so well, being Ted. (Eat your heart out John Malkovich.) The evening ended with sausage and a tram ride through the hottest night of the year, or almost.

Saturday it rained and stormed, so we all went to the Hundertwasserhaus and then Sushi and on to Demel for cake followed by Mozart’s chamber music and local fare in the Bierklinik before being spirited back over the Danube in the mysterious red Panda sporting a koala in red/white/red togs.

Sunday was hot, so Ted took us on the tram and the bus to the Leopoldberg via the Kahlenberg. The former had no place to refresh and the latter was too squeaky clean so we opted for the delightful Huette am Weg at Elisabethwiese where we had frankfurts and strudel. Then on to Schoenbrunn where we took the train twice around. They asked Ted for a ticket but let him through as a minor which he didn’t like one bit. Dinner in town at Steak Point in the Walfischgasse (watch out for the whales, Ted) and then back home to get ready for the trip back to London.

A whizz of a weekend with Ted Tedaloo and Mitzi Szereto, writer, anthologist, queen of literary erotica, queen of Facebook poke, of social networking tout court and who now has her own TV show, Mitzi TValso, a lovely guest and such fun to hang out with, as a pro and as a person. Oh, yes, and Ted is such a gentleman!