Patrick Cullen Review – What Came Between

What with the PhD, the new day job, Mum’s death and my back and forth to Oz for most of the preceding, I’ve not had a mind for reading or writing. So I’m proud to say that today I just mailed off an 800-word review of Patrick Cullen‘s debut work (which I refuse to call a novel) entitled What Came Between as an entry in the Australian Book Review‘s reviewing comp which has a deadline of 31 August. Results should be known by November when I can then post my review on my blog whichever way things go.

I entered this comp last year with a review of Lewis Croft’s novel, The Pornographer of Vienna.

Guess it’s my way of keeping up with the land of Oz when I run out of Vegemite. I won’t cross my fingers though cos I need them to type.